1000MHz CATV FTTH Micro Optical Receiver/Node


Product Description: 

CATV FTTH Micro Optical Receiver is designed to receive 1550nm broadcasting TV RF

optical signal from Passive Optical Network (PON) while passing the 1310nm and

1490nm digital signals to ONU device.

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Special features

  • Designed for triple play FTTH
  • Build-in WDM Technology applied to GEPON/GPON system
  • MGC or AGC Function Optional
  • Frequency range 40~860/1000MHz for CATV Network
  • Voltage supply: 12V DC adaptor
  • RF Interface for CATV
  • Optical Interface for DATA
  • Smaller size and easier install


Plug and play, integrated auto detecting, auto configuration, and auto firmware upgrade technology.


Support 802.11n 2T2R speed up to 300Mbps.


Support No-auth、WEP、WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK function with AES、TKIP encryption.


Support rich VLAN, DHCP Server and IGMP snooping multicast feature.



CATV Input Optical Wavelength 1550 nm
PON Optical Wavelength 1490nm/1310nm
Working Optical Power -9dBm ~ +2dBm (Analog TV RF)

-15dBm ~ +2dBm (DVB-C QAM RF)

Optical Connector SC/APC, SC/PC
Optical Return Loss ≥50 dB
RF Bandwidth 50 ~ 1000 MHz
RF Connector F-Type Female
RF Output Impedance 75Ω

RF Output Level

80dBuV@ -5dBm optical

Manual RF Adjust


RF Flatness ≤± 0.75dB
RF Return Loss ≥14 dB
Analog TV RF CNR ≥47dBc@ -5dBm optical & 59 channel PAL-D
CSO ≤-60 dBc @59 channel PAL-D
CTB ≤-60 dBc @59 channel PAL-D
Power Supply 12VDC/ 0.5A Power Adaptor
Power Consumption


Working Temperature Range

0 ~ +50℃

Dimension (L*W*H)

110mm(L) x 89mm(W) x 30mm (H)

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