CATV 1550nm EDFA (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier)


Product Description: 

YL-1550-OA series 1550nm Erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber amplifier has advantages of low noise, high gain, wide bandwidth, efficient pump and stable working condition, etc. It is used on CATV system widely. As the transmitting nodes in the CATV system increase constantly, fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the building (FTTB) are popular. When the EDFA is used to cascaded amplification in the CATV system, the C/N deterioration is serious, so the EDFA must have high saturated output power, low distortion, while the saturated output power of EDFA is usually between 13dBm and 23dBm, output power limit is about 27dBm. In addition, the gain fiber of CATV EDFA is single-mode and single-clad fiber, pump is directly coupled into fiber core, while fiber core is very small, it is required the pump is single-mode. The output power of single-mode semi-conductor laser is just several hundreds mW, and it is limited by pump area, high power pump can’t be coupled, thus it has a serious effect on the output of fiber laser. In the face of this kind of situation, a international new double-clad fiber has been developed. It takes advantage of envelope pump technology, which overcomes shortcomings of the single-mode fiber, and makes output power increased one to two orders of magnitude, and promotes the development of high-power fiber amplifier. The factory overcomes multiple technical difficulties, and then developing erbium ytterbium co-doped double-clad fiber amplifier which is fit to CATV system to adapt current require of FTTH and FTTB.

YL-1550-OA series of products produced by JDSU, Lumics, etc world famous semiconductor firms as the pumping source. In the interior of the machine is equipped with the light power export stable circuit and laser Thermoelectric cooling device Temperature stability control circuit to ensure optimal machine performance and long-life laser stability. The microprocessor software monitors the lasers’ working state, the Digital Panel (VFD) displays the operating parameters. Once the laser operating parameters deviate from the permissible range set by the software, micro-processing will automatically turn off laser power, red light goes on to warn, digital panel prompts cause of troubles., a detailed report of the device parameters please read “instructions.”

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Special features

  • High quality: adopt multimode large power pump laser, power is optimized reasonably by software, and can most unlimited reduce NF of EDFA, it is comparable with EDFA. The feature can make system achieve excellent CNR.
  • Reliability: The 19 “1U standard rack, built-in high-performance plug-in dual power supply, it can work at 85 ∽ 265Vac City Network Voltage, As well as an optional DC48V power supply (reservations required); chassis cooling can be automatic control by temperature.
  •  Intuition: The pump laser is the most expensive machine components, machine equipped with microprocessor monitors the working state of the laser, the panel LCD window displays the operating parameters.
  • Network type: Select All-piece status monitoring transponder guarantees to meet the national standard and be compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, it enables network management to monitor capabilities.
  • Integrated WDM, more concise in using of GPON/EPON.

         Model Item YL-1550-OA
Operating wavelength (nm) 1540~1565
Input optical power(dBm) -10~+10
Nominal input optical power (dBm) +3
Noise figure (dB) (+3 dBm,@1550nm) 5.0~6.0
Gain flatness(dB) <±0.3
Stability of output optical power (dB) <±0.5
Polarization sensitivity (dB) <0.2
Polarization modal dispersion (ps) <0.5
Optical connector(IN) SC/APC
Optical connector(OUT) SC/APC
Pump work quantity (N) 1∽5
Saturated output power (dBm)  Max total output power: 27~40
Power supplies (Vac) 115~265(draw-out plug)
Power supplies (Vdc) 48(draw-out plug)-optional
Operating temperature (℃) 0~50
Size (mm) 2U (88 ×482.6×387)
WDM-PON with optical path 16/32/64 ports
PON port operating wavelength (nm) 1310/1490
PON port insertion loss (dB) <1
1550 port insertion loss (dB) <0.5
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